Johnny Gentle 1960
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In a casual glance through a ‘Do It Yourself’ book lies Johnny Gentle’s rise to fame.

Working as a ships carpenter on board a luxury liner he borrowed the book through a friend. In it he found an article describing how to make a guitar. It took him 3 months to complete the instrument. Having made it he learned to play it. As the ship steamed through torrid nights in the Pacific Ocean 20 -year old Johnny sang for his own pleasure. Eavesdropping passengers would say: “Turn professional young man you’ll go a long way.”

Johnny made a private recording and asked 'Larry Parnes' to hear it. Larry signed the pleasant voiced singer immediately. Not satisfied with merely making his own guitar, Johnny wrote his own songs and music. He composed his first recording “Wendy” backed with “Boys and Girls” while still on the seas.

Johnny is a native of Liverpool. His father was a machinist and he was aged twenty with intent, dark eyes and a mop of dark hair. His main interests are playing the guitar and composing.


"Pop collectors are scouring the country for an obscure 1962 record by Darren Young, called I’ve just fallen for someone". Parlophone R4919 1962

Also available on John Barry's 'Play It Again' label 'The Hits and the Misses'.


Why? Because Darren Young is really Johnny Gentle who toured Scotland in 1960 with The Beatles as his backing band!

The song was written while they were on tour and Gentle claims part of the song was penned by John Lennon who never received a credit. It was released two months before the Beatles own debut 'Love Me Do."