It has been a long time since I toured Scotland with The Beatles, but some things you never forget. Indeed, to this day, such is the world-wide popularity of the band that my part in their story often seems like something that happened yesterday. Their names, their faces, and of course their music are part of the fabric of our lives. Every cloudy, distant memory I have has been polished to a shine by their ever-present legacy of the world’s biggest band - the boys who, it turns out, were the best backing group I ever had.

Before the Fab Four turned the pop world upside down, solo singers were the order of the day. I shared an agency with the likes of Tommy steele, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury and Joe Brown and if they were already at the top of their game, I was well on my way myself. I was making records appearing on TV and radio, building a following in the teen mags - things were going along nicely. All I needed was that elusive hit.

In early 1960, my manager revealed the latest stage in his plans to make me a star. He’d booked a tour of Scottish dance halls and hired a Liverpool band to back me on stage. We met at the venue just half an hour before our first public performance together and all things considered we sounded pretty good from the off. Every night the sound we made got better, by the end of the tour I knew these boys were as good as any I had I’d worked with..... with added sparkle to boot.

Some months later, I was offered a second tour of Scotland and immediately requested that The Beatles come on board. Sadly, they were already in Hamburg, honing the skills that would later bring them unprecedented fame and fortune. From then on everybody knows the story. This, though is a snapshot of the Beatles I knew. Another gap filled in the history books. A chance for me to remind everyone out there that for a little while at least I was in charge.

This site stores all of my memories, photos and treasures to share with you. Enjoy them as I have.

Johnny Gentle