Britannia Theatre Great Yarmouth -
The Billy Fury Show
Signed autograph of Marty Wilde 30 years later
Article in The Daily Mirror. 1990
Johnny wooing crouds on The Scottish Tour. 1960
Johnny with Vince Eager, Billy Fury, Dickie Pride, Tex and ray. 1960
Song Sheet ‘I’ve Just Fallen For Someone’
Johnny and Engelbert 1967
Johnny and girl fans 1960 Alloa - Scotland
Johnny - Promotional shoot for The Daily Mirror 1959.
Eddie Cochran and friends.
Eddie Cochran, Johnny Gentle, Billy Fury and Hal Carter.
Philips publicity plug.
Johnny signs to the girls. Scotland Tour.
Johnny at Great Yarmouth pier. The Billy Fury Show.
Comic in girls mag. 1959
Johnny signs autographs for his fans at a BBC Radio show.
John and his pet dog Glen. 1994
The Beatles in Hamburg. 1959
Johnny and The Viscounts. 1964
Johnny in Great Yarmouth on The Billy Fury Show.
Comic in girls mag. 1959
Johnny at Penny Lane - A tribute to Billy Fury.
Johnny with a fan at his booksigning. 1998
Johnny and Engelbert 1999
Johnny with son Gavin at BBC Radio Merseyside on “The Spencer Leigh Show” 1991