Johnny brings girl fans to the boil.

Date Description
20/05/1960 The Town Hall, Marsh Hill Alloa, Clackmananshire
21/05/1960 The Northern Meeting Ballroom, Church Street, Inverness
22/05/1960 Day Off
23/05/1960 Dalrymple Hall, Seaforth Street, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire
24/05/1960 Day Off
25/05/1960 St Thomas’ Hall, Chapel Street, Keith, Banffshire.
26/05/1960 The Town Hall, High Street, Forres, Morayshire
27/05/1960 The Regal Ballroom, Leopold Street, Nairn, Nairnshire
28/05/1960 The Rescue Hall, Prince Street, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

Wendy / Boys and Girls (Were never meant for each other)
3.1959 Philips PB 908

Milk From The Coconut / I Like The Way
8.1959 Philips PB 945

Darlin’ Won’t You Wait / This Friendly World
1. 1960 Philips PB 988

After My Laughter Came Tears / Sonja
9. 1960 Philips PB 1069

Darlin’ /Pick A Star
3. 1961 Philips PB 1142


The Gentle Touch
Wendy / Boys and Girls / Milk From The Coconut / I Like The Way
11. 1959 Philips BBE 12345

As Darren Young
My Tears Will Turn To Laughter / I’ve Just Fallen For Someone
7. 1962 Parlophone R4919

With The Viscounts
Sally / On Broadway
1964 Columbia 7436

Demo recorded in Scotland 1960 with Cass and The Cassanovas

After My Laughter Came Tears
Whilst on tour in Scotland with the Liverpool group The Cassanovas, Johnny laid down a much rockier version of his later watered down single as a demo version for Philips.


TV (various, including)
Boys and Girls
Cool For Cats

Radio (various, including)
Saturday Club
Easy Beat
Ring A Ding


On The Beat, At The Tall Ships
Radio Merseyside OTB 001

Compilation of local artists
Recorded live at Victoria dock, Birkenhead, Wirral for charity 15.8.92

Johnny’s contribution was four songs and one verse in a finale version of “In My Liverpool Home”. Two songs he performed “Raining In My Heart” and Lennon and McCartney’s “Norwegian Wood” were broadcast on the day but did not appear on the cassette.

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore / He’ll Have To Go
Both of these songs were performed on The Beat Balled Show Tour in 1960


Johnny’s songs as recorded by other artists
Adam Faith
Adam Faith LP Parlaphone PMC 1162 1961
I’ve Just Fallen For Someone
Adam’s second LP included the song Johnny wrote in Scotland with help from John Lennon. The song was also put on an Adam Faith EP around the same time.

Troy Dante 45 1964 DECCA F 11746
Tell Me

The Human Jungle ITV Show 1962
One Of These Days / It’s About Time
Popular TV drama programme about Psychiatrist (Herbert Lom) and his patients. In one episode about a disturbed pop singer (played by Jess Conrad), two songs were required for a nightclub scene, Johnny supplied the above two songs which were also sung by Jess Conrad.

Johnny is still called upon to perform and recall his memories of his days with the rock stars he has worked with. He also attends Beatles conventions to tell of his Scottish tour stories.